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RequestConnections Webhooks are not being sent

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Good afternoon,

I wanted to trigger a flow when a Connection is added to a request, so I have attempted to set up a Webhook, but it isn't working with any of the RequestConnections Even Sources - nothing is happening at the endpoint:

I have Webhooks and Flow working with so I double checked the config I had here is similar to what I set up for connections, and it is similar (except for the endpoint URL):

I've double-checked the URL in Flow and what's in the Webhook config and all is ok, I even tried to see if I would receive anything form a Webhook URL generated on Webhooks.site but nothing is working.

Please can someone have a look to see if the Event Source is triggering the Webhook properly or not.



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Hi @samwoo,

Apologied for the late response on this. I can see why this isn't working, and will raise it with the relevant development team to get this fixed.



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