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Changing Closure Category Issues


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Hi Community,

Happy new year to all. We are having issues with requests which have been reopened and their Closure Category amended. This is not a new thing but has just been highlighted by one of our main users. The timeline of events are, logged request had its Category set to 'Payment of Figures' on 09-06-2021 by an analyst. The same analyst resolved the request without a Category later on in the day. 2 days later, the manager reopened the request and gave it a Category of 'General User Experience'. In the request timeline, it says The Request Category has been unset. Now to the interesting bit, In the request status, the Category shows as 'General User Experience' but when you hover your mouse over the the little Information icon (i)  it shows 'No Category Selected' see below


Worse still when we produce a download of the views with Category as one of the fields selected we get some requests requests with similar characteristics showing no Categories at all. The questions is, which Category field are we using in the workflow and which one is being used in the view menu and how do we get the view to show the correct category.


Thanks in advance and help will be much appreciated.

Best Regards




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