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  1. Hi Community, Happy new year to all. We are having issues with requests which have been reopened and their Closure Category amended. This is not a new thing but has just been highlighted by one of our main users. The timeline of events are, logged request had its Category set to 'Payment of Figures' on 09-06-2021 by an analyst. The same analyst resolved the request without a Category later on in the day. 2 days later, the manager reopened the request and gave it a Category of 'General User Experience'. In the request timeline, it says The Request Category has been unset. Now to the interesting bit, In the request status, the Category shows as 'General User Experience' but when you hover your mouse over the the little Information icon (i) it shows 'No Category Selected' see below Worse still when we produce a download of the views with Category as one of the fields selected we get some requests requests with similar characteristics showing no Categories at all. The questions is, which Category field are we using in the workflow and which one is being used in the view menu and how do we get the view to show the correct category. Thanks in advance and help will be much appreciated. Best Regards Chibamba
  2. Sorry, thought I had had not clicked submit.
  3. Hi folks, A quick one, Is there a feature in Hornbill to recall an email sent from Hornbill similar to features in Outlook and gmail. I have checked the community and cant find any posting related to that. Thanks in advance Chibamba
  4. Hi folks, A quick one, Is there a feature in Hornbill to recall an email sent from Hornbill similar to features in Outlook and gmail. I have checked the community and cant find any posting related to that. Thanks in advance Chibamba
  5. Hi there, We have a shared view which pulls out requests based on the Last Updated By Type and Last Updated By fields. Two types of results come up, those Last Updated by System AutoReponder and those Last Updated By System Internal Context. Is there a way of Separating these within the view? If not how do I create two separate views for the two types above because the only options coming up are: Analyst, Customer and System? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance Chibamba
  6. Hi Martyn, me again, The expression rule currently is mailbox LIKE '%SomeMailboxName%' Can I add to it to make it like: mailbox LIKE '%SomeMailboxName%' AND fromAddress NOT LIKE "%joeblogs@blogs.com%" ? Will this work? Thanks again. Chibamba
  7. Hi Martyn, Thank you I will try that. As a newbie, I was not sure what that would do to the flow so did not want to disturb the current setup. So creating a new routing rule meant I could easily delete it if something odd started showing. But thanks I will try that and will let you know how it went. Cheers Chibamba
  8. Hello, Not quite sure I need to post this here, its system admin issue. Please Help, Our Email Routing Rules are configured in such a way that a ticket is raised for everything that arrives at the mailbox without any filtering. I would like to amend the rule to exclude a particular address from the routing rules that raises Requests. The current rule is just the default one. I have created a new rule which I have placed at the top with a Rule Expression similar to: toAddress LIKE "%joeblogs@blogs.com%" or fromAddress LIKE "%joeblogs@blogs.com%" This is the address I would like to exclude whether Incoming into the mailbox or outgoing. I have tested these two options without any success. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you Chibamba
  9. @nasimg, @Victor Thank you both, let me follow along with the steps above and will let you know how I get on. Much appreciated. Chibamba
  10. Hi @Nasimg and/or @Victor I am getting stuck when I try to create the Custom Button in Form Design, I was hoping I was going to get some options on how its going to be allocating the requests to other Helpdesks if I select AUTOTASK but it seems for me there no Options in the drop down under Select AutoTask? Can you help please?
  11. Hi, Thank you both for the replies, much appreciated. @nasimgI will try you suggestion, it just seems like what we need. Not sure though if I will be able to get it going without detailed instructions but will get back to you if I get stuck somewhere. Thanks @victor the 3 Helpdesks, each is a Service with its own mailbox and can log request and handle all requests management tasks. Thank you. Chibamba
  12. Hi Team, My sincere apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum. still finding my way around. I have this issue in hornbill: We have 3 Hornbil Helpdesks each with its own Mailbox and all 3 dealing with specific inquiries. The issue is, sometimes our customers (external) would email the wrong Helpdesk and a request gets generated. Later on when the analysts go over the tickets they would want to assign this to a correct Helpdesk. Is it possible to do this in Hornbill? Looks like we can only assign to Team and Customer (the only two options available). Is there a way of setting it up to show other Helpdesks? Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a wrong forum for this. Chibamba
  13. Hi all, I hope someone can help with this. We setup our BP to email back to the requestor and any person copied-in the same default message from a template. This is fine, but I would like to change this behaviour so any copied in person receives an autoresponse email from a different email template. How do I do this. Hopefully this is not a something complex to achieve. Thanks in advance. Chibamba
  14. Just to add some more context to this. What I am after is to turn off resolution notification for a particular customer, only that email address need tot receive a notification if that makes sense. Can this be done in the business process and how? Thanks
  15. Hello there, I am having problems following the logic in a business process and the timeline in the request. How would one tell which part of the BP is running at any stage in the request timeline. I need to look at the request timeline and immediately be able to tell which part of the BP is running (and at which node) so I can be able to introduce decision nodes or any other nodes to change the work flow. Is there a primer I can read, I have watched the tutorial on BP but that does not address what I want to do and the wiki has not helped at all. Thanks and apologies if this has been asked before. Chibamba
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