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  1. Hi @Bob Dickinson Thanks for the response. You have been of great help. I think I will try the closure category/profile or the use of a custom field. This may just do what I am after. Thanks again for the suggestion. Chibamba
  2. Hi @Bob Dickinson First of all, thank you very much for the help on report. It worked well and I was able to upload the template and tweak it to my liking. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Secondly also related to the same report I created, I can now extract all the requests including those where the last update was by the System AutoResponder. However among these, there are some which where closed/resolved by an external email (In this case our former service desk) Is there way I can exclude these from the report because I cannot see where this external email is stored
  3. Hi All, I need some help creating a report involving dates. Basically I need to produce a report which shows all resolved and closed requests where the date in the 'last updated' column is greater (=later) than the date in the 'resolved on'/'date closed' column AND where the 'last updated by' column is 'System AutoResponder'. Can this be done in a report, I picked the column headers from a view I created but there is no way of comparing dates in views (i think). Would someone please help by typing the syntax in the report design menu. Thanks and sorry for all the troubles am s
  4. Thanks both for the information. Apologies for the delay in responding @James Ainsworth I will look forward to an update on this and thanks for adding me to the change. @Adrian Simpkins Will try your method and see if it works for us too, it does appear though that our setup is slightly different to yours. Thanks though for your time. Chibamba
  5. @Mary I dont think this answers my question. All I am after is to change the way the system is current setup. Contacts are getting archived when they should not. Is there a switch somewhere to change this. I am not sure we have an conf.json. If there is, I have not been made aware of. Should I post this on our Support Portal? Thanks Chibamba
  6. Hi, In our setup we have three (3) support desks all setup with to use different email Templates. There is quite a few of these. Is there a way of setting this up so Analysts can only see the templates belong to their service e.g. Service Desk A only see A templates etc? At the moment they have to scroll through a list of other templates for different services. Thanks Chibamba
  7. @Mary Thank you for your reply. In our setup we do not have anything >Data Import Configuration And it says No Imports Found, see below: Thanks Chibamba
  8. Hi there, I am a newbie HB admin and supporting a new HB Instance. Of late I have noticed that inactive Users are being archived by the system and I have to manually unarchive them for my Helpdesk Analysts to use.Is there somewhere I can turn off this feature as I am being asked now and again then to unarchive some users. Also, I am not too sure if these are inactive user but would be interested to know what criteria the system uses to archive these. Thanks and apologies if this has already been asked. Regards Chibamba
  9. Hi @David Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, I dont have the Service Request Full Access role, so that seems to have been the issues. I have requested to be added that role. So another related question, when I get the role, where do I go to re-open the request? Will there be some button somehwere in the ticket? Cheers and Thanks for all your help. Chibamba
  10. Hi there, I hope everyone is fine and forgive me, I am a newbie to hornbill and I supporting a new instance. Not sure if this has been asked but I would like to manually open a closed ticket. I have checked the wiki, support forums and general google searches but all I am getting is Re-opening with an email. I am able to find the closed ticket and open/view it, but I cant see any place where it says re-open. Is it a question of roles as I am setup as admin. Thanks in advance for your help and apologies if I have posted this in the wrong chat. Chibamba
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