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New Update: Hornbill Core UI (1550)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Core UI (1550) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Custom buttons - add option to display a confirm dialog before invoking a autotask
  • Custom buttons - allow for complex expressions when defining if custom buttons should be shown and add the ability to check against the user, their role or group
  • Improved keyboard navigation when entering a page. Press TAB to access the first element in the view
  • Notifications Popup - Message is not showing WiKi text anymore to simplify the preview. Also the click area includes the text itself and not only the time of the notification.
  • User Settings - Removed experimental text from Dark Mode
  • Employee Portal - Progressive Capture Cap - Knowledge - Added left spacing ( https://community.hornbill.com/topic/19807-predictive-help-in-summary-field/?do=findComment&comment=103031 )
  • Employee Portal - Search Service - Option to filter by type ( https://community.hornbill.com/topic/21464-is-their-a-way-to-remove-categorys-on-the-search-bar/ )
  • Nano Training Popup - Added space between "Read Late" and "Got It" buttons
  • Service catalog - New request not loading after finishing pro capture
  • Request list is not loading in mobiles like iPhone
  • Form Designer - Unable to edit individual fields
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