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"Just Co-workers" user selector is allowing Basic users and Full but Suspended users to be selected


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I've detected what I think is a risk in our Change Request approval flow by unexpected behaviour.

In a Human Task, we ask the Change Manager to specify a number of Approvers for a CR using the "Hornbill user picker" which we set to "Just Co-Workers". My understanding of that is it should allow only those with a Full licence to be selected.


And yet when I go to use it, it is still showing users who are Basic users and those with Full licences but Suspended status. This will clearly create issues if either type are selected.

From the user admin list, one Claire is Basic and one Claire is Suspended:


But when using my selector in action, both Claire's could be selected.


My instinct is that the "Just Co-workers" filter is not working as designed; it should exclude all Basic and Suspended.

Can I have a view on this please?

Thank you



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Have I just found out why?

Basic Users will turn-up as Co-Workers if that box is not ticked?

But it doesn't explain Suspended? Surely Suspended should not show as a Co_worker?



So my question is now how do I update 2000+ Basic users to have the Hide User flag ticked?!

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@Miro. Can you go one better please?

At present, you have "Co-Workers" and "Basic Users" in your dynamic drop-down. This is a bizarre mix of licenced users and users that meet a certain criteria (a tickbox)

What I believe you should have is "Co-Workers", "Basic Users" and "Full Users". The fact Full Users is missing from that list strikes me as an oversight.

That would enable us to select Full Users who are usually the only people we need on those drop-downs.

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Not really @Miro because if I want to select only from (Full, licenced) Users (i.e the ones that can perform Service Manager functions), then I have to select "Just Co-Workers" BUT I also have to do a major data update to tick the box for 95% of my Co-Workers to exclude them from that list; and ensure my process reliably ticks that box each time we add a user!

The concept of a Full User is as clear as the concept of a Basic user in the Hornbill User Admin so I don't understand why you would not design it so I can reliably select all my licenced (Full) Users; the most common function.

Another way to put this is that the Basic Users are included in the Co-Workers list unless excluded with that tick-box which leads no way to select only Full Users

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@Miro. I have just been to the "Co-Workers" tab of Collaboration. When I click this link to find Co-Workers it ONLY RETURNS FULL USERS (of which we have 77).

And yet, in Service Manager, as per the start of this thread, when I select "Just Co-Workers" in the Human Task dynamic lookup, it finds a mix of Full and Basic Users.

In short, the applications are INCONSISTENT in their treatment of the filters for "Co-Workers".

Back to my point, I believe the filter of "Co-Worker" was designed to capture only those users who either have "User" Account Types or who are consuming a licence such as those with "Service Manager" Roles or "Collaborator Role".

So I put it to you that the BP designer has a defect in allowing Basic Users to be found and selected when the "Just Co-Workers" option is selected. that defect is not manifest in Collabotion application itself.

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Just to clarify this statement:

38 minutes ago, Berto2002 said:

I believe the filter of "Co-Worker" was designed to capture only those users who either have "User" Account Types or who are consuming a licence such as those with "Service Manager" Roles or "Collaborator Role"

The co-workers and the distinction between full user and basic user is not based on roles nor if on the fact that they have allocated an application license (such as a Service Manager application license). The distinction is made solely on the user type value which can be "user" (denoting a full user that has access to live apps - depending on their application roles) or "basic" (denoting a user that has only access to portals - e.g. employee portal). This being said is worth mentioning that only users that are "user" type can have application license allocated to them (such as a Service Manager application license). 

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@Berto2002 - The issue with "Just Co-Workers" option for the "Hornbill user picker" in custom fields also returning basic users has been addressed in the next Core update. When used with "Just Co-Workers", this list will then only return users that are of "user" type (basically what is seen as Full users in user management admin area).

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