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Any experience of the SM>Entity>ChangeRequests>Update Request>Add to Change Calendar? Not working for me :-(


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I want a certain type of (Standard) Change request to be added to the Scheduled Start and Scheduled End Dates directly after a Human Task is completed. The business case is for logging instances of Standard Changes like firewall rule changes quickly and easily with my Agents having one Task to both state it was done and when.

I configured this node and set the Start Time from now to 0 and then tried 1 but neither actually populated the Scheduled Start and Scheduled End and the CR did not appear on the Change Calendar.


I added a node to update the Timeline directly after:

Outcomes of Schedule action: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["addSchedule"]["outcome"]] - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["addSchedule"]["isScheduled"]]

and the result was: "Outcomes of Schedule action: success -" (i.e. missing the "isScheduled" outcome.

Schedule was still blank. I was expecting it to populate the Start and End:


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Hi Berto2002,

I've had a test of this and it seems to be working ok for me.  It did require a browser refresh of the change form before seeing the dates on the Schedule tab.  I've been testing this using Auto Tasks and Custom Buttons which is a great way to test without having to raise a new request for each time you want to test.  It also eliminates any issues that might be caused by other nodes in the BPM.  

  1.  Create an Auto Task to schedule a change
  2.  Make sure that both a Start Time and Finish Time are provided
  3.  Add a button to a change request (You will want to put some conditions on the button so that not everyone sees the button.  This could be to only show where you are the owner of the change.
  4. Configure the button to use an Auto Task
  5. Click on the button and then refresh the browser to see if the schedule time is added.

Let me know if you want any further help setting up this test.


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Hi @James Ainsworth I will try that test but it's not what I want to achieve. I want to achieve this with no manual interation. I want to use the Hornbill Automation options of Start Time from Now and End Time from Now; and they are not working... Would you mind testing this and see if it works for you?


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I have just tried adding-in the Cloud Get Timestamp nodes with one getting the current time and one getting the time plus 5 minutes.

Those outputs are then fed into the Variables of the Update Change Calendar action in node "add current date time to schedule"



The result of the TimeLine update is a bit different this time:

Outcomes of Schedule action: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["addSchedule"]["outcome"]] - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["addSchedule"]["isScheduled"]]

Looks like: image.png.d12d1c54754c9f7de96b6189573eeeb6.png

So the node that is supposed to add it to the schedule is declaring SUCCESS but the result is that it is NOT successful.

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