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Download of file locked - even though document not checked out and access correctly set

Adam Toms

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Hi All,

I've not come across this before and I've not seen any documentation on this. But I have created a library shared with basic users, which contains a SQL report which is scheduled to run on the first of every month. The basic users, and I can see the library and attempt to download the document. But every time we do the document is locked and it's not possible to open.


The document is not checked out for editing and and everyone has read and edit permissions in the library. 

I've tried creating a different blank spreadsheet and a new tag for the scheduled report to go into. I'm clearly missing something but not sure what.


I'm at a loss to what's causing the document to be locked, I can't unlock it, the only way I've been able to get around this, is to download the report manually and send it as an attachment to the users of library via Outlook.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Many Thanks


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Hi Trevor,

Thanks for your response.

It's not locked out to anyone. Is itwise for me to delete the library and the document in there, create a new one from scratch and see how I get on?

I'm not getting this on any other library and as far as I can tell access and permissions are correct.  I was largely reaching out in case I was being silly and missed something obvious. Thanks for your response.

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