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PCF Versioning Is Now Live


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Hi All,

The long awaited support for PCF versioning is now live. When your instance is updated during your server maintenance window it will automatically enable in the Administration tool.

It works in the same way as BPM. The UI for publishing a PCF is practically the same. So now you will as normal edit the "draft" and when you want to release that draft you simply publish it.

Again like BPM versioning you can de-activate/re-publish a specific version of your PCF. 


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Follow Up Information:-

On upgrade any existing "active" captures will be automatically versioned to version 1. You will notice the versioned By is set to SYS_SYSTEM.

Any captures that are in an "inactive" state at the time of upgrading will not be versioned because, well, they are inactive which mean they are in a "draft" state.


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