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Package: Active Directory Group Management (Version : 10)

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We are getting the below on all jobs using the above package. 

Package is not cached, downloading package from library: /cafs_raw/fs_packages/5688b70ab3fa5d15a1d6ae6f055a9e2b959e9e79.data
Could not get package info: Unable to download package content file from instance. URL: /cafs_raw/fs_packages/5688b70ab3fa5d15a1d6ae6f055a9e2b959e9e79.data Content ID: 5688b70ab3fa5d15a1d6ae6f055a9e2b959e9e79

This was working fine on Wednesday so the issue has occurred yesterday or this morning.

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Hi @AndyHill,

This is likely due to the package being updated from the package library on your instance since Wednesday, and your SIS not being updated due to a bug that is now fixed. If you restart the SIS service on the machine running it, it will update to the latest version and your packages will then be able to be downloaded:



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