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Feature request: option to close/end/cancel the Business Process when using the Request Actions (bulk update)


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The Request Actions (bulk update) allows us to Update, Close or Cancel. However, when we do this, the Business Process is unaffected. In our case, we have a data issue and need to Close 1000+ Requests with this feature but each has a Business Process in Suspend state. All those BPMs will remain like that forever; orphaned (unless we manually close them down). To avoid orphaned Business Processes for a Close operation, I suggest you introduce a feature to in the Close option to also update the BPM. It could be as simple as “Also Cancel the Executed Business Process” or you could give options in a drop-down field to either Cancel the BPM or Complete it. I note that the Cancel option in Request Actions already does this but we do not want these Requests reported as Cancelled because the work was completed.


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Hi Berto2002,

I can see and understand your requirement, but I'm not sure that this would be the best place to put this type of option as the multi-select is a feature that can be used by anyone.  There is a potential for any user to mistakenly end a BPM well before its time.  Even once closed, some people continue to use the BPM to review closed tickets.

This sounds more of an administrative feature rather than something within the general UI.  Unfortunately, neither option is currently available.  

As you have a Premium Success support plan, I'd suggest getting in touch with Hornbill Support to see if they can help provide some options to help automate this. 

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