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I'm currently working on the Employee Portal and have been documenting the pages.  I put links into my word document and when I clicked on one of them, it took me to the password screen for Hornbill.  Thinking that's quite odd as we generally use SSO to log in so I put in my password and my account suddenly got suspended:


This is the URL I was using:

Now I, unfortunately, cannot do any more work on the Employee Portal ready for a meeting tomorrow.

Can someone tell me what's going on?  Why does clicking a link in Word cause this to happen?


Samuel Wood

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Hi @samwoo

You will need to get your sytem administrator to unsuspend your account, accounts are suspended by default if the login is incorrect 3 times in a row as a security measure.

I'm aware there can be some strange issues when clicking on links behind SSO authentication from office, which may explain why when you tried it open the login screen directly although I'm not able to replicate this issue:



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Hi @TrevorHarris,

Apologies just seen your message.  After 10 minutes of posting this topic, I found out that I was still logged into Hornbill on another session in a separate browser window... so I wasn't suspended, despite the message telling me that I was. Odd.

Are you aware of any configuration at your end (Registry settings?) that means you don't have the issue with SSO authentication when navigating from a link via Microsoft Office to a SSO Enabled website?



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