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Problems - Searching for Published Workarounds


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Does anyone know a good way to search for Problems (or Known Errors) that specifically have a Published Workaround?

What I am trying to do is be able to regularly review all our closed Problems and review the workaround to see if it is still relevant and turn it off if not.



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HI @JAquino

I couldn't see an obvious way of locating closed problems with workarounds.  However, once a problem is closed, the workaround shouldn't be available any longer for someone to use.  Are you seeing workarounds for closed problems displayed somewhere?

If you are regularly reviewing closed problems, maybe a workflow review task could be added to the problem record once it has been closed.

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Hi @James Ainsworth

I am seeing the Known Issues icon appear when raising tickets and it is definitely displaying Problems and Known Errors which have been Closed:



On the second issue, I think I know what you are saying - so I would add a task at the end of the process e.g.

"Please review if Published Workaround still required"

and only allow the ticket to be closed when this task has been completed?

This would require us to change to how we manage our problems. We have been closing them off as soon as a workaround is available as some issues we get are long-term issues and we didn't want them sitting in our list of open tickets (even if they are Resolved).


I am hoping there may be some more room for product development here?






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I'll investigate the display of published workarounds on a closed problem.  I don't believe that this shouldn't be the case.

A Workflow task can still be added after the Problem has been closed.  The closing of a problem doesn't prevent the workflow from continuing.  So, without changing how you work, you could still have a Closure stage at the end that includes this task.

Another temporary way of getting your list of Problems with workarounds may be through reporting.  


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