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Knowledge centre - FAQ's are not displaying

Lee Jones

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I've recently enabled Knowledge Centre in Service Manager. I appreciate the service is still in beta but I cannot seem to get FAQ's to display (requests show fine). I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. Unfortunately, as it's in beta, Hornbill won't support it.

When raising a new request, I type a keyword, e.g. "mimecast" into the summary field, at the top of the screen, I see that 99+ requests match that search, but I do not see any FAQ's referenced, even though there is an FAQ within that service with "mimecast" in the subject and body, and the FAQ is published to the Service Desk.

Can anyone assist on this? I think this will be a great feature, once I can get it working correctly.



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Hi Lee,

I'm assuming by looking at your screen shot, that you are acting as both the agent and the customer.  In order to narrow down results to what is relevant, the knowledge search will tend to look at the customer and their subscriptions, only showing FAQs for services that they are subscribed to.  While you are going to be part of a team that supports the IT Service Desk, I just want to check that as you are selecting yourself as the customer, are you also a subscribed customer on the IT Service Desk? 

Also, there is a visibility setting on the FAQ.  I can see that you are raising the request as a Support Person so this setting needs be on either Both or Service Desk



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Hi James

Thanks for the info. 

The FAQ visibility was set to SERVICE DESK - I've just changed it to BOTH and the FAQ now appears. This seems strange as I would have thought it would show in both.

At least we now have it working, thanks for your advice.


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