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Historic Updates Not Visible On Employee portal Request Details

Aaron Carter

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We are importing a few hundred tickets from our old ticketing system into hornbill and have added the comments from the previous system into the Historic Updates section.

The historic updates a perfectly visible through service manager, however when an employee navigates through the employee portal to request details for a request, they cannot see the historic updates.


Is there a setting to change this, and if so where?





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Some are public, others are private (as below). We could like to maintain the visibility level of each comment during the import.


I'm currently setting each historic update to h_updatetype = 1 or 512 when I import via the import tool, depending on the visibility of the original comment (some should be visible to us + employees while others are only us/internal note)image.png.fddd1b0d968a7fbadf675301a882c30e.png


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@Aaron Carter

Customer facing updates are displayed on the timeline in the Employee Portal. These are timeline entries with the visibility set to Customer.  Customer facing updates are also visible to analysts viewing the request on Service Manager 



Could you please clarify the tool used to import the tickets? 

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