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Hornbill - Service manager - new starter access- incidents updates and email are locked


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  6. I have granted someone access to update tickets but the ticket is showing as locked for them - why would this be as their access matches someones else's on the team. see attached - Please advise?  (If i give incident management full access then he has access but i dont want to give this)



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For some reason any ticket which is assigned to this analyst is always locked for updates, resolve and emails why is this? I have to keep unlocking it for them?

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Hi Shamaila,

This looks like the BPM workflow is using the Hornbill Automation for locking actions.  Users that have Full Management roles do have the ability to over-ride a locked Action Item, which leads me to think that this is the case.  More information about locking actions using the BPM can be found here.

Locking would normally be done when the request is waiting for something to be completed before you allow general access to the locked Action Items.  

The only other thing that it might be is if this user is assigned requests that have the status of On-hold.  This is the only other time that Request Actions are locked.  On-hold requests will use the request settings as seen below.


Let us know if that helps.



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