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New Update: Hornbill Admin Tool (1230)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Admin Tool (1230) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • workflow - bpm - editor: when a decision node with a single no match is selected, context menu shows option to convert to a via
  • sys - org data - users: enable/disable user actions based on the state of selected user/s
  • workflow - pcm - editor: add place holder text to branch custom condition text value input box
  • workflow - bpm - editor: email authorisation node, show default expiry of 3 days when not set to match server behaviour
  • ITOM - Inventory Viewer: Now the ui uses the new api and fill improve performance, plus the installed software table is now sortable.
  • workflow - bpm - editor : improve responsiveness when clicking away from context menu and new node menu
  • workflow - bpm - editor: When a stage is deleted reset any nextStage nodes that reference it.
  • workflow - bpm - editor: if decision node only has a no match exit show recommendation that it should be replaced with new via node.
  • ITOM - Inventory - Unmanaged Inventory: now using automation::inventoryGetInfo which will return correct updated data
  • ITOM - Inventory List: Now you can sort by columns the inventory
  • ITOM - Inventory List: We have re-worked the whole area implementing the new platform apis, this would be seen as an improvement in performance when having lots of devices in the inventory.
  • workflow - bpm - editor : rework connection validation for parallel processes
  • workflow - bpm - editor: IT Automation node, show hint text in input params
  • workflow - bpm - list: remember last selected process state filter when going back to list.
  • system - org data - users: refresh user list after changing selected users states (archived, suspended etc)
  • workflow - bpm - editor: when hornbill automation node uses role picker make sure reset roles list each time change the application. So filter list of roles for that new application.
  • workflow - bpm - editor: download process always dl draft version and not the version you are viewing.
  • reporting - adv analytics - dashboard: pass core app as the application for "admintoolGetDashboardList".
  • Manage Employee Portal - Sometimes after saving the Settings tab the changes are not reflected until a browser refresh.
  • ITOM - Inventory List: We fix and improve the multi match search in the inventory view.
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