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Pass username / password with URL parameter

Will J Douglas

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I haven't set up SAML / SSO yet so this question relates to environment using standard Hornbill username / password.

Is it possible to pass basic username / password to the Hornbill login via URL parameters.  e.g live.hornbill.com/instancename?username=name?password=password

The reason I ask is that I would like some of our users to be able to sign in with QR code which passes their username and password directly to the Hornbill login page.

We are using the portal for our hotel employees who live in staff accommodation to be able to log basic maintenance requests. 

It would be convenient if we could put up a poster in the apartment where the employee just scanned the QR code to log straight in instead of having to type in the password. 

Since it is infrequently used, is a separate logon to the user login for other purposes and only provides access to a very limited feature set I don't really have any security concerns about the password being "written down" as it would have to be anyway for these users (since the password is shared between people sharing the apartment).



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