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Duplicate Asset Records in Error


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We've imported various assets via a CSV import but now need to update both the state and substate for many of these; tried a couple of things which result in duplicate records.

Attempt 1

lastUpdatedBy - maintained "admin"

version - changed from 0 to 1

Attempt 2

lastUpdatedBy - changed to "usedById" id 

version - maintained at 0

I suspect that there is a real simple solution but any help would be most appreciated.




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Hi @James.Johnson

The reason for duplicate record will be down to the validation. When you import an asset via the CSV Import method, the system needs to you select a field that contains a unique attribute to validate upon - this means that if the asset already exists in the system (based on the value of this attribute), then it will perform an UPDATE. But if validation has not been set, or it has been set and does NOT find a matching asset that already exists, it will CREATE a new one. 

So before you perform your import, you need to click the validation button and select which attribute you wish to use for validation):


So a good test may be:

1) Populate a CSV with a single asset, ensure the serial number is populated with something (like 1234) and set the version to "0"
2) Import this into Hornbill - ensuring you click the Validation button and select "Serial Number"
3) Make sure the asset has been successfull imported
4) Open your CSV again, change the version to "1" - but make sure the serial number is still set to "1234")
5) Import the updated CSV into Hornbill again, once again ensure to click the validate button before and selecting "Serial Number"
6) The existing asset should have been UPDATED rather than a duplicate having been created, because it found an existing asset in the system that matched the serial number

If this still fails, please could you send me the CSV file you are trying to import via a private message and I will double check

Kind Regards





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