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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1800)

David Hall

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What's New:

  • New setting for changing the font of On-hold requests on the request list {CH00157323}
  • Allow user with Manage Mailbox rights to see all mailboxes on a Service form {CH00158249}
  • As a Service Level Manager I want additional rule criteria for SLAs {CH00146261}
  • Create Action Item for setting the category on a request {CH00141466}
  • Add visibility of Assets to User Profile {CH00152000}

What's Fixed:

  • Routing rule templates not including user details {PM00158720}
  • Multiple dollar signs ($) are stripped from when the details are pushed to the timeline of a Request {PM00158408}
  • Wiki markup date in the Summary field is not formatted in the Request page title and Requests List {PM00158134}
  • Collaboration only users should be able to see the details of a Change they're authorising in the portal regardless of the overall app-setting {PM00158362}
  • When viewing a Request that belongs to your staff in the My Services portal, the timeline and post box are sometimes not available {PM00158433}
  • Cannot send notifications if a User ID contains a single quote {PM00158790}
  • When sending an email through the Business Process, the connections filter is ignored {PM00158798}
  • Known Errors cannot be reopened due to checking of a missing app right {PM00158372}
  • After posting to the timeline of a Request, another request action's visibility cannot be changed to a higher value than the original posts visibility {PM00157146}
  • Request data including summary is not shown in Request list on Service page or mobile requests view {PM00158923}
  • When a View is deleted, the entries in shared Views are not removed automatically {PM00158946}
  • A chart showing the number of requests grouped by Rating fails to display the rating value {PM00158951}
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