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New Update: Hornbill Project Manager (310)


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The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (310) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Project RAG Tolerance Matrix - Give individual RAG Tolerance values their own weightings inside a matrix that is configured in the Hornbill Admin Tool. It is possible to define multiple matrices so you can have a different matrix for individual projects.
  • Project Logic - As the Project Manager, control whether your project's RAG status is derived from the individual RAG Tolerance values of your project, rather than being set manually. Also, choose whether your total project costs are automatically recorded on a daily basis and saved to your project cost history.
  • Project Task Performance Enhancements - Preparation for Basic Project Tasks and Planning/Forecasting functionality
  • Project Cost History (Project Cost Line Chart) - View the total project costs incurred on a daily basis, visualised in a line chart


  • Issue when creating new projects through progressive capture - details not being brought through to the project properly
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