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Board Manager: Who added to the Board & Lane


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We have just started making use of Board Manager and I am finding that cards are being added/moved to the incorrect lanes.

Is there a possibility to have the timeline specify which analyst added to the board & the lane please?


Loving Board Manager, it is an improvement on the previous feature!


Thanks as always!



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Hi @Shamaila.Yousaf,

 If you click on the card title it should open the card preview in the right hand panel of the board page.  Underneath the main preview, you should see a History tab next to the timeline tab.  If you click on that you will get a full graphical history of the card so you can see when it was created, and every move, update etc - you can see the date of each action and who performed it here.  Clicking on any row in the history will bring up more details about that action as well.


Glad you're enjoying BoardManager and hope this helps as well


Trevor Harris


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