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Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

Is there a way to change what information is being shown in the Info Panel on requests please? Ours currently shows the 'assigned to' person twice (Presumably once with First Name Last Name, followed by the Handle field). We don't need the 'handle' field ...




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Hi Paul,

We do have a change in our backlog that would allow you to set what information would be displayed within the Information panel.  Not sure if that includes selecting the format of the name, but I can see if that can be added to the criteria of the change.  This change isn't scheduled for development as of yet.

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Hi Paul.

We have added a setting that will allow you to change the format of the owner's name within the Information panel on a request.

The setting is...


This setting can be found in administration under ''Applications>Hornbill Service Manager>Settings


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