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CSV import - update entries


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I have imported assets via CSV successfully. If I want to make changes to the assets I've already uploaded via another CSV file how do I get them to update? I have tested this and because they are the same assets it doesn't import or update the fields/data because the entry/asset already exists.

Is it possible to upload a new CSV file to update/sync the asset information that is already there via another CSV file or do you need to delete the asset import again fresh?


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Hi @MikeW

I'm assuming that you are using the Upload Assets option under Asset Management.  While this is a great utility for uploading small batches of new assets there is a more sophisticated import which can be used. 

Have a look here and let us know if this is something that would work better for you.  https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/CSV_Asset_Import



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