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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1330)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1330) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • NEW: As a Service Desk Admin, you can now customise the Customer section of a Request. This can be achieved through the "Configuration" tile in the Admin Tool {CH00145489}
  • NEW: Revamped the Email Action in a Request to provide a template selector and a text editor including the options to add links and images - More information can be found here {CH00147412}
  • NEW: You can now configure Change Freeze periods for the Change Calendar {CH00145525}
  • NEW: As a Progressive Capture Designer, you can now configure an Asset picker option for a field {CH00149851}
  • NEW: A description can now be added to the "Add Attachments" form in Progressive Capture {CH00152404}
  • NEW: Enhanced 'Site' Progressive Capture form to return a Site's state in the expressions list


  • CHANGE: Improvements to the Phone Action in a Request {CH00148186}
  • CHANGE: As an Asset Manager, I can set "Used By" field to be shared with one or more users, teams and organisations {CH00137870}
  • CHANGE: Conditional questions that are not visible in Progressive Capture can be excluded from the Questions section for new Requests. This can be enabled through "app.request.questions.excludeConditionalQuestions" setting {CH00150175}


  • FIX: Favoriting a Service in the Portal does not work in a specific scenario {PM00151674}
  • FIX: Respect disabled actions in the multi Requests Actions pop-up, when a Request is on-hold {PM00152191}
  • FIX: Only show the label text when the field type is "Label" in Progressive Capture custom forms {PM00152651}
  • FIX: When a user does not have an email address and email notification is enabled, an error is shown when applying an email to a Request {PM00152734}
  • FIX: Incorrect validation affects Service Bulletins visibility {PM00152801}
  • FIX: Customer Site not used when raising a request if customer search not used after branch {PM00152803}
  • FIX: Paperclip icon missing in the Timeline entry when an email is applied to a Request automatically (Auto Responder){PM00152786}
  • FIX: Editing a bulletin shows start and end times in GMT {PM00152899}
  • FIX: Direct link to raise a PC via Employee portal catalog {PM00152701}
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