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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1306)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1306) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • NEW: You can now have multiple authorisations as part of your Business Process and choose if the same or different authorisers are selected each time {CH00148624}
  • NEW: Suspend your Business Process and wait for an email to be sent from a Request {CH00151584}
  • NEW: When uploading an attachment to a Request, the timeline now contains a link directly to the download {CH00149834}
  • NEW: The Owner field can now be made mandatory in Progressive Capture {CH00150946}
  • NEW: Automated emails sent by a Request can now use an email template, these can be configured by changing the app settings that begin with 'guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.' {CH00150187}


  • CHANGE: Charts are now also automatically refreshed {CH00152105}
  • CHANGE: Split the application rights for portal and main application users {CH00149657} 
    • NOTE - New application rights have been added to Service Manager to allow granular control of visibility/use of the portals, removing the need to grant access to Service Manager core functionality for portal users. The new rights are grouped under the Self Service area of Application Rights against Roles, and have been added to all relevant out of the box application roles. If you are using custom roles in Hornbill to grant portal access, then these roles will need to be updated to replace existing application rights with the new set of rights.


  • FIX: Performance improvements when opening a Service in the Portals
  • FIX: If a custom form is used to populate the summary of a Request, the summary was missing from the confirmation popup {PM00152067}
  • FIX: Users that only had the Collaboration User that completed a BPM related task would cause automated Request resolution to fail {PM00152365}
  • FIX: Changes scheduled to start and end at the same time do not appear in the weekly or daily Change Calendar view {PM00152386}
  • FIX: Users are able to resolve Requests without an analyst even if the app setting 'app.request.allowResolveCloseWithoutAnalyst' was turned off {PM00151531}
  • FIX: When uploading more than one attachment, the descriptions were sometimes removed {PM00152292}
  • FIX: Multi-request actions would not work if the Request list was auto-refreshed in the background {PM00152228}
  • FIX: The Assign action would not refresh automatically if the Business Process was used to assign the Request {PM00152422}
  • FIX: Could not add a Request to Board Manager if there was no Service associated with the Request {PM00152285}
  • FIX: Cannot add Catalog criteria to a view {PM00152519}
  • FIX: When selecting a Service it would not show the list of teams if the service supported all teams {PM00152575}
  • FIX: Feedback questions and answers do not honour the ordering set by the Service Owner {PM00152600}
  • FIX: Dashboard charts do not retain order after refresh {PM00152611}
  • FIX: Dashboard charts would not load with legacy chart data {PM00152598}
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