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New Update: Hornbill Collaboration (903)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Collaboration (903) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Emails List View - Sent Items - Added unsent indicator. Unread flag (in red) in sent items indicates that the email was not sent
  • Desktop Notifications are now displayed for Mentions. Is based on current Post and Comment settings.



  • Profile View - Amended info message when user is ''Suspended''.
  • {#PM00152300} When loading a page the search briefly changes to the correct context before resetting to co-workers. This will be usually seen in slow internet connections.
  • Hornbill Today (IE-11) - Background colour does not display correctly gradients
  • Activity panel sometimes not displaying correctly after opening in docmanager/boardmanager
  • Identity Provider initiated logouts do not complete successfully (related to https://community.hornbill.com/topic/13477-adfs-logout-request-not-accepted-by-hornbill-instance/ )


Also see this: https://community.hornbill.com/topic/13504-new-activity-view/ (experimental)


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