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Resolve request without Analyst (Owner)

P. Nordqvist

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I know this is an experimental settings but I would like to highlight an issue with it.
Currently we have set app.experimental.multipleRequestsAction to ON.
At the same time we have set app.request.allowResolveCloseWithoutAnalyst to OFF.

This would mean it should NOT be possible to resolve requests without having an owner.
If you use the multi select feature to resolve calls you can do it even if the requests does NOT have any analyst assigned.

Additional to this issue I have an additional request with an assign action to the multi select feature so you also have the possibility to assign multi select requests.

Kind Regards

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I just like to reply to my own topic.

Forget my last comment regarding making an assign of multiple requests. Now I found the function in the lower part of the popup.

The issue with resolve requests with no owner is still valid.


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@P. Nordqvist We have found this to be a defect and will actually work towards a fix for this issue. I was able to replicate it and our development team should have a fix 



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