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Unable to access instance

Carol S.

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Has anyone received the following error when trying to connect.

The public certificate used for signing the assertion is not known to the service provider NOTE: If this has been working and has suddenly stopped, the most common cause for this error is that your Identity Provider signing certificate has expired and a new one was auto generated (a common configuration for Microsoft Active Directory) but no one has updated Hornbill with the new certificate.


I was connected and the service was working correctly. I restarted my computer and when I tried to log in to the instance, I received this error message.

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@Carol S. the message displayed should be pretty self explanatory on the issue for the administrators of your Hornbill instance. This issue has been raised on many occasions and we have answered here on forums and documented it on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Single_Sign_On_Profiles (check the Troubleshooting/Common Issues bottom section)

Please follow the steps provided there to resolve this.

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