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New Update: Hornbill ESP (2892)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill ESP (2892) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • added h_sys_tasks_extdata table
  • It is now possible to call a BPM Operation in a different application to the one the current Business Process is running against.
  • Added library::libraryTagCount method that returns a list of tags inside a specific library.
  • Added library::librarySearchByTag method to get list documents in a library that contain a specific tag.
  • Added new operation data::entityAddRecords which allows you to add more than one entity record in the same transaction. This is far more efficient that making multiple calls when required. This operation is presently experimental and may be subject to change before being finalized.
  • Added detailed runtime profiling for data::entityAddRecord, data::entityGetRecord and data::entityUpdateRecord
  • Added experimental method indexer::reindexDefinitionCreate which allow creation of reindex storage definition for the user defined index storage
  • added h_customform_id column to h_sys_tasks table. For use when referencing in BPM engine
  • added h_customfields_xml column to h_sys_tasks table. Set h_outcomes_xml to Type TEXT
  • Extended session::getSessionInfo operation to include group type param part of user's group membership response
  • The operation system::getSupportedLanguageList now lets you supply a language code filter to return a subset of the supported languages available
  • Added Order by to librarySearchByTag
  • More caching around Flowcode scripts
  • Extended Entity file attachment operations to support file description for server file attachment(s) type
  • The operation data::queryExec now includes a new option which when set will return the number of found rows in a result set limited query. This requires the query to include the SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS statement in order for this to return the expected results.
  • The library::documentGetList operation is extended to return createdOn and lastUpdatedOn params
  • Returned more data in documentSearchByTag that was expected but missing.
  • library::tagCreate now accepts multiple tags correctly.
  • Case changes to entity's would result in the change not being applied due to a case insensitive check on old and new value.
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