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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1131)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1131) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • The list of Know Issues in the portals are now paged {CH00146228}
  • You can now set the business process to suspend and wait for the Change or Release Type to be set {CH00149806}
  • FAQs are now available to analysts when working on Service Requests {CH00149680}
  • You can now get and use Site details in a business process {CH00149760}


  • The teams selector was restricted by the teams available to the person configuring SLM rules {PM00149485}
  • Could not create a New Service Level if the first attempt was cancelled without a refresh {PM00149565}
  • Could not delete a condition in SL rules {PM00149560}
  • If Catalogs were made mandatory in Progressive Capture, it was still possible to log Change Requests without a Catalog item {PM00149585}
  • The list of Versions were not shown when adding a product for Software Asset Class {PM00149558}
  • The property was 'Company' always required when creating an asset {PM00149600}
  • If the Progressive Capture switched and the contained a Customer or Co-worker form it could cause issues with the logging process {PM00149592}
  • Request were left waiting for feedback after closure even if no feedback was required {PM00149673}
  • Placeholder text for the Site field in Request's Details section was not shown {PM00149576}
  • You could click the Create SLA Rule button multiple times causing duplicate entries {PM00149596}
  • When looking at your Service Manager profile, the tabs should reference "My" rather than your name {PM00149605}
  • The Closure Category for a Request value wouldn't refresh when updated by BPM {PM00149617}
  • Tabs are now shown when creating a Service {PM00149713}
  • No timeline options shown for print request if there is a timeline post contains no text {PM00149783}
  • Viewing a Request you own in the mobile app now marks it as read {PM00149836}
  • Instead of failing silently, you can now only update a Request that you're able to view when applying an email to a Request {PM00149788}
  • Request Type cleared when service deselected, which would allow the wrong Request type to be logged {PM00149854}
  • Custom questions that were actually labels will no longer appear against a Request {PM00149856}
  • Long titles for cards on a board wouldn't wrap correctly in IE11 {PM00149889}
  • Provide a default reason for the timeline entry when completing an activity {PM00149758}
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