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Hi @TSheward_SGW

Sorry, there is no functionality to create copies of documents in documentmanager currently.   You could copy the contents of a document from the editor page by selecting all (ctrl+a) and then right clicking and selecting copy (or ctrl+c) and then pasting into a new document (right click and paste) but we don't have any ability to copy the full document other than this.
Would you expect a copy operation to just duplicate the contents of the document or to copy other data, like user shares etc as well?
Trevor Harris

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Hi @trevorharris,

Thanks for getting back to me, well glad to know I'm not going crazy :)

I had a try copying into a new document but it stripped the formatting out which is the main reason for wanting to copy the document in the first place as opposed to the actual content. 

I'd say by default just the contents of the document but the ability to copy user shares etc. if desired would be a nice touch. 

The ability to create a document template for formatting purposes would be a welcome addition or ideally the ability to create and share predefined paragraph formats (heading 1, 2 etc.) between users.



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