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Could not connect to Server (Error code: -1)

Adam Lyons

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We seem to have a few issues with Hornbill today with the attached error code



We can all access Hornbill but cannot assign requests/place requests on hold/attach emails to requests. We can update and send emails from Hornbill and our users can also log self service requests.

Has anyone come across this before?




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@Adam Lyons ...ah... well, emailing would not have reached support ... we don't actively monitor the mailbox due to many automation tools in place... Yes, I can see the email there... I am sorry, we missed it, but the way to request formal support from us would be via our support request webform here: https://www.hornbill.com/support/. Type in your instance ID and email address and you will get access to the "Get Help" option which will raise a request in our support queue.

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