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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1099)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1099) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • NEW: Add the Service Name as a variables available for custom buttons on request's custom buttons {CH00143543}
  • NEW: Link items from Document Manager on Requests {CH00124605}
  • FIX: When changing the customer of a Request, the link to the user's profile does not get updated {PM00149206}
  • FIX: Site not updated in the request details {PM00148936}
  • FIX: You could save a Service Level Rule without a name {PM00148950}
  • FIX: BPM operations involved in Request Closure were not setting feedback expiry {PM00148957}
  • FIX: Historical Updates "View Attachment" link missing {PM00149175}
  • FIX: Deleting the list of Service categories could cause Services to become hidden in the Portals {PM00148850}
  • FIX: The Request Type Progressive Capture form would not highlight the current Request type {PM00148949}
  • FIX: Cancelling a Request other than Problem and Known Errors did not return you to the request list {PM00148915}
  • FIX: Changing the Customer of a Request from a Contact to a Co-worker would not clear the associated organisation {PM00148951}
  • FIX: The Site field would fail to load when editing request details if the Request had a company associated {PM00148856}
  • FIX: When trying to change the customer of a Request, the list returns archived contacts {PM00149130}
  • FIX: It's not easy to locate the reason for rejecting or tentatively accepting an activity against a Request {PM00148914}
  • FIX: When using companies in the list of criteria for a Service Level rule, selecting one causes it to appear duplicated {PM00149064}
  • FIX: Error in a Request when "Assignment > Assign on Round Robin Basis" BPM automated task is triggered {PM00149067}
  • FIX: Intermittent failure of applyEmail flowcode due to superfluous updates when updating sub-status {PM00148940}
  • FIX: The list of active Requests in Progressive Capture only shows those with a status of open and not new {PM00148895}
  • FIX: When applying an email to a Request, the timeline entry will now contain as many characters as a post will allow
  • FIX: Could not pick a user when using the 'Add Connection' node in your Business Process
  • FIX: Drill down content incorrect when 2 items in the chart results have the same name {PM00148982}
  • NEW: If a Request List chart has values that could be duplicated, there is a new experimental setting to allow you to group these values together: app.experimental.mergeDuplicateDashboardDataRows This is useful for combining values like sub status which may be duplicated across multiple statuses
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