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Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I've just had a request from a user who has asked if there is any way of making the 'search' bar in the Customer Portal a bit more 'obvious'.  They've brought up the fact that, once you have a couple of notices scrolling around the top of the page, the search bar sort of gets lost in amongst all of the other 'stuff' on the page. I do tend to agree with them.....although I don't really have any sort of suggestions as to what might make it more obvious! 

Does anyone else have any suggestions as to whether this might be a chance for a change?!



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I've had my users mention this too.

I had a play with the CSS in F12 mode on Internet Explorer 11 and this something that I think would work (but I think it's more complicated than doing just a CSS change on Hornbill's end)

I think maybe the background colour of the search bar should be configurable if going down this route.



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