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Progressive Capture * NOTICES / INFORMATION * node


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I would like to request a feature for a node that we can use to display notices / information from within the Progressive Capture which would be managed by those who deal with the Service.

The set up should be very similar to the way we set up the Bulletins - against a service, and as a node in the Progressive Capture node we will define which Service and Notice / Information we should pull from.

This means that a single notice can be updated in the Services area at any time, and the results will show against any progressive capture. The "Notice" node in the Progressive Capture will look for any Notices that matches the Notice Code. (sorry my terminology isn't great here0

I mocked up some images to show this, which might explain better

1. Setting up some Notices against a Service



2. Setting up the Notice Node in the Progressive Capture form, to use the Notice code   Notices_1



3. Notice displayed in the Progressive Capture for customers

Obviously my mockups are not great, and if implemented in Hornbill will look better, but I would expect to be able to embed pictures and format the Notice.

Just a thought.


Samuel Wood

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Just wanted to add that for some services, we have forms for different things. If the Service is not affected, but we need to relay information related to a particular form, it would make sense to be able to do this outside of the Progressive Capture setup in the Admin Tool.

Also - if the Notice is empty or not in use, then completely skip showing this form.

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