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Integrating to Power BI - How we did it

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I am posting this in the hope that it will be useful to some of you. However I must state up front that the process and documentation covered in this post is the work of a colleague of mine and I am not qualified to answer any technical questions you might have. You will need to take this information at face value, we are unable to offer any support or assistance in you replicating this in your systems. Sorry! 

Now...We had a real need for more dynamic reporting across large data sets that we really couldn't achieve directly in Hornbill. Reading on the wiki about Power BI integration we began to look at how we could extract data from Hornbill for use in Power BI. Our global infrastructure lead was tasked with investigating and I'm pleased to say was successful in finding a solution that suits us. He has documented as best he can what he has done to achieve this which you will find attached.

Hornbill Data Extraction Method.docx

Below you will find some examples of the Power BI reporting  we are achieving with this. As we are storing the data externally in a SQL database we are able to go beyond the 25K record limit imposed within Hornbill.




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