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Hi all,

We are almost ready to setup a Task Schedule to start importing Users live from our AD in to Hornbill.

I have a question about how the "LDAP_User_Import.exe" utility works with handling existing Users already in the Hornbill system (in our Instance). If a User already exists, what happens to that existing Hornbill Account during Import?

Does it get overwritten in all areas, only some areas, or not at all? Are any of these options configurable?



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Hi @Lee Humphreys

The import script will update the user record that is already in place if anything has changed in the source. If nothing has changed then the user account will remain the same. 

There are options to say whether you only want fields to be set when a user is created, updated or both, but generally these options are set to both so it will always reflect what is in the source. All of these are listed in the wiki page too: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/LDAP_User_Import.




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