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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, we are planning on implementing asset importing from SNOW. We want to establish whether assets imported from SNOW will be automatically linked to users within Service Manager. Could anyone advise please? Thanks! M
  2. With the recent hardening of the Databsae Direct admin option, it is no longer possible to update requests in bulk using SQL Update commands. Unlike the other import tool for Contact/Organisations etc, the Request Import Tool only allows for the creation of new requests, not the updating of existing one. Can a Request Update Tool be implemented to allow updating of Request fields including custom fields. In our example we are wanting to retrospectively update the Resolution Categories for the last two quarters of closed requests to match our revised categories to aid with new trend analysis going forward. Cheers Martyn
  3. We import our users via LDAP and have found that there is a limitation on first name of 2 characters, however with an increasing overseas user base there are some customers that have no first name and we need a more robust way of importing them into the system. So the question that we have, is can this restriction be removed?
  4. Organisation Import Tool v1.0.1, when using the Update (or Both) actions, does not pick up changes made to the custom fields so does not trigger the update action, when attempting to update the custom fields. Can this be corrected so that the update method check all fields? Cheers Martyn
  5. Is there any way to bulk create services within Service Manager, i.e. us a import file of some kind to create the Service and set Business Process name, assigned Teams etc? We have a large volume of Services to setup and looking to see if this can be automated in anyway. Thanks Martyn
  6. We are experiencing an issue when trying to setup and run the SQL User Import, to upload new users from LDAP on a regular basis. We are getting the attached error: We’ve looked on the forum and there was one instance of this, but appeared to be resolved over 12 months ago with a change to the routine on the Hornbill side. Can someone from the support team or integration experts please look at this? thanks Neil
  7. Hi, we have users in the UK, Italy, Netherlands and Mauritus, so I have created individual conf.json that point at individual AD security folders. Depending on the country the user is added into the appropriate security group. Along side this I have created conf.json files relating to each country and want to edit the details to set the correct country, timezone and currency. I have been able to set the country but I'm struggling with what I should add for currency and timezone. I've tried the obvious like CET, UTC+1 or € but it doesn't work. Can you advise please? The screen shots are examples for users from the Netherlands. Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  8. Hi, I have noticed that a number of our assets have been duplicated in Hornbill. We use the AD asset import which runs each night. There is only one of each in AD of course. For the AD LDAP user import, there was a line that specified whether users were updated/created but I cannot see that option in the .json file for asset. Is it possible that instead of updating an asset in Hornbill, it is creating a new one if there are changes made in AD? Thanks, Melissa
  9. Hi All, We are having a slight issue with an undetermined number of users, Our userbase has a large number of contracts included that will all have different email addresses, when doing our LDAP import it is picking up from the Users Email Address within Active Directory. The problem with this is that it may not match the e-mail address they are sending from. Is there anyway for us to map the primary SMTP within AD to the Email field within Hornbill? Thank you in advance for any help.
  10. As in the wiki, we can Associate a group to Hornbill user accounts, but can we associate multiple groups? For example, if we want to assign a service to IT Services, but another specifically to IT Infrastructure could we look at [department] for their department (IT Services) and [extensionAttribute11] for the team (IT Infrastructure) and have both assigned at import time? If so, is it as simple as: "OrgLookup":{ "Action":"Both", "Enabled":false, "Attribute":"[department]", "Type":2, "Membership":"member", "TasksView":true, "TasksAction":true, "OnlyOneGroupAssignment":false "Action":"Both", "Enabled":false, "Attribute":"[extensionAttribute11]", "Type":1, "Membership":"member", "TasksView":true, "TasksAction":true, "OnlyOneGroupAssignment":false }
  11. We currently use single sign on via ADFS and LDAP Import to manage our authentication process into Hornbill. At the moment users will be stopped from logging in to Hornbill when there AD account is disabled, but if the user already has a connection open to Hornbill prior to the account being disabled they are able to continue to use the system. Is it currently possible via the LDAP Importer to update the Hornbill User's status to suspended based on the AD Disabled attribute and secondly if a Hornbill account is suspended when a user is logged in do they get logged out? Cheers Martyn
  12. When making a import of anything (users, organisations, assets etc.) from CSV, you should have the option to choose between appending the CSV data to the current table and overwriting the table. If appending (or maybe all the time) there should if possible be a check for duplicates.
  13. Hi all, We are almost ready to setup a Task Schedule to start importing Users live from our AD in to Hornbill. I have a question about how the "LDAP_User_Import.exe" utility works with handling existing Users already in the Hornbill system (in our Instance). If a User already exists, what happens to that existing Hornbill Account during Import? Does it get overwritten in all areas, only some areas, or not at all? Are any of these options configurable? Thanks, Lee
  14. Hello, We have set up a nightly sync between our Active Directory and Hornbill and it is working ok but... How do we populate the 'Organisations' tab on the users profile? We use this on our reports. Thank you, Dan
  15. As you can see from the screen grab, my basic user import from AD is assigning each customer as their own manager. I've attached the config file, any ideas how I can fix this? The manager portion is, as far as I'm aware, unchanged from the defaults. basic_user_import_conf.json
  16. Hi, Following issues with the ldap user import utility, I had a look a the source code to try and determine the source of the problem. It turns out it is proxy related. So my question is the following: once you get the list of profiles from the AD, you have a loop that checks if the user already exists and the update or create. Instead of opening a connection, updating / creating a user profile and closing the connection every time you call a web method on the API, would it be possible to open a single connection and close it upon completion or error? The reason I am asking is because the current method generates a lot of login / logout for, from my perspective, no real reasons. What do you think? Thanks, Lyonel
  17. Hello, I wasnt involved with the initial setting up of Hornbill in our organisation but when the users were imported, they only had the "Basic User Role" assigned to them. But they cannot access the basics of the Customer Portal using it. I added "Self Service User" to the LDAP Conf file on Friday, we have it scheduled to run at 5:30 every night so coming in today i've seen that it hasnt worked. I just did a dry run, and can confirm that it hasnt applied the Self Service User job role to all of the users. Conf File { "UserName": "********", "Password": ""********",", "InstanceId": ""********",", "UpdateUserType":false, "LDAPConf": { "Server": ""********",", "UserName": ""********",", "Password": ""********",", "Port": "********",, "Filter": "(objectClass=user)", "DSN": "OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU="********",,DC="********",,DC="********",,DC="********"," }, "LDAPMapping":{ "UserId":"[sAMAccountName]", "UserType":"basic", "Name":"[cn]", "Password":"", "FirstName":"[givenName]", "LastName":"[sn]", "JobTitle":"[title]", "Site":"", "Phone":"[telephoneNumber]", "Email":"[mail]", "Mobile":"[mobile]", "AbsenceMessage":"", "TimeZone":"", "Language":"", "DateTimeFormat":"", "DateFormat":"", "TimeFormat":"", "CurrencySymbol":"", "CountryCode":"" }, "LDAPAttirubutes":[ "cn", "sn", "sAMAccountName", "userPrincipalName", "givenName", "description", "mobile", "title", "telephoneNumber", "mail" ], "Roles":[ "Basic User Role", "Self Service User" ], "SiteLookup":{ "Enabled": false, "Attribute":"" } } Log File 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] ---- XMLMC LDAP Import Utility V1.4.0 ---- 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Flag - Config File conf.json 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Flag - Zone eur 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Flag - Dry Run true 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Loading Config File: C:\TEMP\Hornbill/conf.json 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Logging Into: https://eurapi.hornbill.com/********/xmlmc/ 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] UserName: ******** 2016/05/16 11:21:05 [DEBUG] Connecting Server: ******** 2016/05/16 11:21:06 [DEBUG] LDAP Results: 1591 2016/05/16 11:21:06 [DEBUG] Processing Users 2016/05/16 11:21:06 [DEBUG] LDAP User Record dn: CN=******** ********,OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU=********,DC=********,DC=********,DC=******** cn: ******** ******** sn: ******** title: ******** ******** description: ******** ******** ******** telephoneNumber: ******** ******** ******** givenName: ******** sAMAccountName: ******** userPrincipalName: ******** mail: ******** ---- Can someone advise? I feel like i'm missing something. Thanks, Samuel
  18. Is there a way to bulk import requests either via CSV or other means? If so, what categorisation/field options do we have available? Regards, Mike.
  19. We have a user that has had their name changed (married) on AD however we now have two entries on the Hornbill user list. There doesn't seem to be an option to either merge or edit the accounts? We want to retain the ticket information for this user so ideally don't want to delete the old one.
  20. Is there any documentation of the LDAP Import tool 'Filter' configuration syntax or details from the component us are using to access the LDAP directory? I have had some joy in using the syntax from Microsoft Active Directory documentation https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa746475(v=vs.85).aspx But are having a issue with some of the operation such as excluding certain OU containers when using the Scope=2 setting to recursively scan the sub tree. At the moment I can get the following to work to scan the sub tree and exclude all disabled accounts:- "Scope": 2, "DerefAliases": 1, "SizeLimit": 0, "TimeLimit": 0, "TypesOnly": false, "Filter": "(&(objectCategory=User)(!(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2)))", But if I add the extra criteria of (!(ou=HR)) the import still accepts the filter as valid but does not filter out the users contained with the HR ou. Cheers Martyn
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