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Pre Populate Field with standard text

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Is there a way to populate the 'Description' and 'Summary fields with standard text so that the User doesn't have to key them in?

We have a service on the Portal with a Customised form that asks all the relevant questions, so I want to set these 2 fields with meaningful text, just for this service.



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Guest Ehsan

Hi @Rachel Crisp,

You can provide a default text for Summary and Description through a Business Process (Admin Tool > "Hornbill Service Manager" Tile > "Business Processes" Tile > [Click on your Business Process]). In a Business Process, you have the option to add an Automated Task to update Request's details. After a Request is raised, these details will be populated into the Request. I would suggest for you to position this Automated Task beside the "start" node - so that the action is performed straight after a Request is raised.


There is another option, Quick Request Templates but this is for analysts only.


You can create a Template, as below.


When raising a Request, you can select a Template, which will pre-populate the Summary and Description.



A last point in relation to this forum post - Questions relating to Service Portal, raising Requests or features that are accessed through the "Service Manager" App icon in the main menu are better answered in the "Service Manager" section of the forum (https://forums.hornbill.com/forum/121-service-manager/). There are many answers, feature requests and tips shared by the Hornbill community relating to the Service Manager app in the Service Manager forum thread. This forum thread relates to features that can be accessed through the "Documents" App icon in the main menu (if your Hornbill instance is subscribed to the Document Manager app).




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