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Chart Widget grouped by Priority and team


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I am trying to create a chart  widget for active Incidents grouped by priority, and Team. Basically I am looking for something like this: (please see attached Print screens).

Currently I can get widget either by priority or by team. How can I combine them in one widget? I am interested on the count (so how many active P1 assigned to a team).



HornBill SM_Chart Widget grouped by Priority and team.docx

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Hi @Joyce

This report is possible to build in Hornbills Advanced Analytics, as a "SQL Group By" chart widget.

You will need to know the names of all of the support teams that could be assigned calls - as each of these will be set up as a separate series. For example in my screenshots below, I have set up the 3 support teams each as their own series ("1st Line Support", "2nd Line" and "Facilities") - in my screenshot, I have showed you the SQL that was needed for the 1st Line Support series, but its exactly the same for the other 2 - just replace the team name. 

The end chart looks like this:



And some screenshots of how it was configured follow:







I hope this helps you create the widget you need! Let me know if you have any issues or questions.

Kind Regards


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