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Ordering FAQs on Self Service and creating categories

Guest gregmarcroftorc

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Guest gregmarcroftorc


Is there another way of sorting the order that the FAQ's are displayed? I know at the moment this can be done by likes, but I would prefer if we had control ourselves if possible.


Also, would there be any possibility of categories being added here. So for example, as you can see above, I could group those ones in to 'Accesspoint' and then other FAQ's in to other categories as this would be useful and would help our internal staff find answers quicker.



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If you need to group your FAQs, maybe you should consider splitting your Service? I mean, I understand what you are saying but as FAQs are directly linked to a service, you could split your service into smaller ones?

For the FAQ ordering, I personally use the number of views to sort them at the beginning and then leave the users to decide of the order. Indeed, the more people read a FAQ, the more relevant it is to them and therefore should be at the top of the list.

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