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Reporting on Catalog items

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One of our Mangers has requested a report for a specific catalog item that calls are logged under.

This is what he has requested:

SO…  I need a Hornbill report

For the MS SQL Server Support Team.  - For the Service "Database Support" then the catalog item "Database Migration"

Please Include

Raised On, Date Closed, Reference, Owner, Customer, Request Category & Closure Category, Summary, Description Text, … Ordered by Reference category and then Raised on

I am struggling to get this report to pick up the catalog item, is there a obvious way to do this that I'm just overlooking?


Many thanks





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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

Have you got a screenshot of what you have configured so far?

I've just created a report on my test system based on the Team ("1st Line Support"), Service ("Home Working") and Catalog Item ("VPN Access") and its working as expected. The filter is as follows:



Does this help at all?

Kind Regards



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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

Looking at your base data, it appears some of the naming conventions in your system are different to what you are providing into the report. 

Try the following
Team: MS SQL Server Support (not "MS SQL Server Support Team")
Service Name: Database Support
Database Migrations (Service Desk) (not "Database Migrations")

Hopefully this will work....let me know how you get on

Kind Regards


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