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  1. Hi Graham Thanks for the reply. We have just changed outbound mail routing to direct now (rather than smart host) but problem is the same. Our MX records point to our seperate email gateways which then forward on our emails to O365; In order to protect against anyone else in O365 spoofing our email addresses we add a header to all emails originating from our domains (so in O365 email rules we add a header, the same for any on premise relays); if that header isnt detected when an email comes from our domain to our domain it gets stopped as potential spoofing. The problem we have is w
  2. Hi is it possible to add an x-header to emails sent from Hornbill? we use an smtp smart host to filter and capture all emails sent from hornbill but since moving to O365 are having some problems with antispoof protection. Is our only option to move to direct outbound mail processing? (which means losing the ability to capture the outbound email) Thanks in advance Scott
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