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May updates: Learn Hornbill’s AI solution, Reporting in Hornbill, and Get Involved in our upcoming Certification Program

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We’ve got some exciting new learning content to share and a request for your involvement in building out a meaningful certification program for you and your teams.

May wrap-up

Getting started with Hornbill and AI 🤖

Following on from our recent announcements around Hornbill’s new AI solution, known as HAi, take our new course Getting Started with Hornbill and AI to get you up to speed. Featuring an explanation of Hornbill's approach to AI, and information on how your data is managed, the course features walkthroughs and overviews of our initial tools that support Agent Efficiency.

HAi is not available for customers outside of our Beta program, but you can access the course here for a preview of what’s coming!

Academy Live: Hornbill Reporting: Empower your insights – Part 1 📈

Our most recent Live session was all about getting started with reporting in Hornbill. Participants were given a tour of Hornbill’s suite of reporting tools. During the lab activities, they explored the power of Views as a basis of reports, and creating custom Service Manager reports using Entities. The second session on reporting will provide some interactive challenges for participants to utilize these skills, and will explore other methods of extracting meaningful metrics.

The session received an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 ⭐. All survey respondents reporting that as a result of the training they have more confidence in how to generate reports using entities. In addition, 95% of participants reported that because of the training they now have a good conceptual understanding of how reports are constructed from the data within Entities. Participants stated, “The labs continue to be an excellent way for me to learn and understand what we're doing.”, “…even though I've already had experience in reporting on Hornbill, this session further cemented my knowledge in these areas”.

We were quickly oversubscribed for these sessions, so apologies if you missed the opportunity to attend. You can catch up by viewing the recording and accessing the session resources in the academy 🎥.

Looking ahead

Upcoming Academy Live Sessions

Next up is our second session on reporting. Both sessions are currently full so watch this space for the course in the academy. 

If you’re unable to attend any Academy Live sessions, please do unregister or drop us a message at the earliest opportunity so we can reallocate the seats. We’ll soon be adopting Waiting List functionality to automatically manage this in the future.

Hornbill Administrator Certification

We’re busy putting plans together to build our first Hornbill Administrator Certification.

We’re looking for your input to help shape this into something meaningful and relevant for all customers, old and new.

We’ll be running a small number of sessions over the coming months to gain input and feedback on this initiative. If you’d like to have your say and help steer this exciting project to the benefit of our community, then get in touch! (email us at academy@hornbill.com)

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