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Reporting on amount of cases and time from open to resolved


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We want to start reporting not only amount of cases we get, but also how long it takes from the case opens to the case is resolved.

We prefer to get an average call time if possible. How would we go about and get this?

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It's quite a big question but involves this at the high level:

  • Ensure you have "start response", "start timer" and "mark response" nodes in your workflows; and that they all go through resolution and closure to end
  • Ensure you have at least one global Service Level configured and linked to the Service portfolio configuration for each service
  • Then either
    • get into the Reporting engine and work on a report that brings back the Breach and Response Time and Resolve Time which is available when you select Report Using An Entity and select Requests OR
    • you can look at the Widgets and Dashboards to give you data online

See what you can find in the documentation along these lines.

I am not sure about averaging; I don't think that is possible in the Reporting Engine. It may be possible in Dashboards. I think you would need to use a data aggregator like Power BI to do that.

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