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Switch Capture - Update Customer Field in the BPM

Salma Sarwar

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I was wondering whether anyone can help.  I  have a switch capture where in the first procap I have a field that captures customer in a field called h_customer this is done before the switch occurs.  Once the switch capture switches over to the other procap and the ticket is logged within the BPM I updated the customer field using the following expression. However, it does not update the customer to the value that was held in the form in the first procap before the switch. When I output the value in the timeline it seems to have the correct value. The node where I am updating the customer is pasted below.  Thank you for your help.





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I'm not sure I fully understand but have you checked that the customer you are attempting to set is in the subscriber list for the service portfolio item under which the request is logged. You cannot set a customer if they do not have access to the service item

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