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Get Card node fails, but succeeds on rerun EVERY time

Paul Alexander

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We have a process which adds a card to a board, and then removes it later on. 

We add it to the board using this info:




Then, later on, we try to remove it using this info:




But this gives us this error:



When I restart the process it goes through fine....

Am I missing something please? 




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I think the problem is whoever is invoking the BPM initially doesn't have any rights to use Board Manager, there is a role in Board Manager, Board BPM Access, which is need to give users this ability.  This doesn't give the user any access to boards but will allow BPM processes they start to interact with the boards, if you assign this role to all users which can be done in the admin tool under Board Manager > Roles > Board BPM Access that should fix the issue. 

You may also need to assign this role to the customer portal Authorized Role if the BPM is initiated in the customer portal.

Hope this helps




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