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HB SM Business Process release procedure - how do you do it?!


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Something other than a stupid question or issue from me; a contribution/discussion post!

This is my release management procedure for putting a new/significantly revised Business Process live. I would welcome comments from the floor as to how you do things to learn from those more experienced; and whether I'm covering all bases. Numbers are a bit messed-up but it's sequential.

How to alter a Business Process - procedure 

Please follow this approach to releasing a Business Process to ensure success. 

  1. Copy the live BP and suffix the name with "(Test)". If there already is one, find out whose it is and what they are doing before proceeding 

  2. Make all edits in the Test version and use it for Catalogue Items in the TEST Service for testing 

  3. When fully tested and ready to go live, open the TEST BP and download the definition file 

  4. Update the notes in the Live BP to mention the CR number and the version that is currently live so we have a very clear and unambiguous rollback position anyone could follow (rollback position) 

  5. Open the Live BP and import the definition file. It will overwrite the existing DRAFT (not the live) 

  6. Make any updates required before go-live such as altering-back test email IDs, authoriser groups, etc 

  7. Publish the newly imported definition draft; this will be the go-live 

  8. Find and Close (not just Resolve) any test tickets 

  9. If the test BPM is not being used by another test then :

    1. Rename the Test BP with the CR reference (or date and implementer) 

    2. De-activate the Test BP. If it won't de-activate, you have not done step 8 

    3. [If test is being used elsewhere, copy the Test and rename the copy as above; so we have a backout plan] 

  10. Complete or Cancel BPMs for test tickets and ensure records are removed from Boards and Schedules 

  11. Retire the Test Catalogue Items used for testing/UAT 

  12. Update the Hornbill Releases documentation here: [link removed]

  13. Update the CSI Planner with items completed

  14. Update relevant Requests in the Hornbill CSI queue and Resolve as necessary 

  15. Immediately after the release and for the 24 hours after, proactively view the "Manage Executed Processes" in VelocITy for Failed processes relating to the new release; to catch and address any issues already experienced 

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