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Enhancement Suggestion - Raising Request From Activity

Day Riley

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It would be useful for us to have the ability to raise a request directly from an activity, to reduce the need to manually raise requests and improve ease of use.

We use scheduled activities as a way of keeping on top of pre-planned maintenance and admin tasks and often these tasks have work that flows directly from the task, for example the activity might be to check that we don't have any lights out and, if there are lights out, we need to contact our maintenance company to replace the lamps. Currently, I need to mark the activity as complete, to indicate that I've completed the task, and then raise a new ticket with myself as the customer to manage the replacement of the lamps. It would be much quicker and easier to have a button that we could click that would raise a request from within the activity, which would allow us to define what the nature of the ticket was within the activity set up. This would also potentially enable us to monitor how frequently work arises from these activities and highlight whether we can do them more/less frequently and allow us to justify the purpose of the activities when reviewing the work that we deliver as a function.


Alternatively, and I think I would prefer this solution, but it's probably a bigger change, it would be great to be able to schedule repeating periodical requests, which would see a change from using activities to self-creating request tickets, because my team currently don't use tasks as part of ticket requests, so activities frequently get missed. Potentially there is scope to change how we work to fit how Hornbill works, but the reverse is a much more preferable thing, haha.

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