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CSV Asset Import Errors


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We are trying to setup automated imports of our mobile device assets from CSV files however we are getting errors when running the import.


I have followed the configuration advice on the wiki here https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/CSV_Asset_Import


The first error we are getting is 'Could not get Asset Class and Type. Please check AssetType within your configuration file:EOF'.


This is the AssetTypes part of the config file:

"AssetTypes": {
  "iPad": "\\\\mkc-appsvrp02\\inventory$\\AndroidImportJob.csv",
  "iPhone": "\\\\mkc-appsvrp02\\inventory$\\iPhoneImportJob.csv",
  "Android": "\\\\mkc-appsvrp02\\inventory$\\iPadImportJob.csv"

It then proceeds to run through 63 records and says 'Unable to Search for Customer [<nil>].

We aren't linking assets to users so I haven't included any of those fields in the config file.

Could anyone assist with these errors?







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